Welcome to Accordion Accord!

AA is my little pet project, to track all of the resources and tricks I pick up as I teach myself how to play the chromatic button accordion. I live in a place completely devoid of CBA teachers, and with limited access to online tutoring options, so a lot of my focus here will be providing resources sans the input of a teacher. For the love of god, get a teacher if you can, it's widely considered the best thing you can do to learn, alongside consistently practicing.

My personal experience with this instrument so far has been that information is often buried in niche forums and circles, which makes it hard for people to learn more about this wonderful family of instruments. So, I am compiling this little website to act as a collation/index for a variety of resources, including resources for playing, repairing, and general information.

This neocity site was created on April 6, 2023. It is a constant WIP, so feel free to pop back in a few weeks.

I will eventually include a means of messaging me if you have information to contribute, but if you very much wish to contact me before that, my username on the Accordionists.info forum is kaiju-blue.